Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Leo Kesting Gallery Silk Screen Event

The Leo Kesting Gallery is going to have an event on August 28, 2009 at 7pm- 10pm. This is a launch event for artists clothing where artists will be creating an item right in front of you with the intention of fitting in with the art already hanging on the gallery walls.

It is a silk screen event entitled Ray Sell : Ya Gotta Be Tough 

From the website: "The angle of the launch is to place the clothing within the context of Leo Kesting’s world – among the gallery’s hanging art - whilst the artist’s themselves create your item in front of you. A piece directly from the artist’s hands, to yours, through the gallery door, to the Meatpacking streets…"

more about Ray Sell:

"The first in their string of artists to transition from canvas to fabric will be Ray Sell. Fittingly, Sell is currently exhibiting ‘Ya Gotta Be Tough’, his second successful solo show with Leo Kesting. His work focuses in particular on the development of the male archetype tied in with sexual and brutish symbolism. Taking images and magazine clippings from a vast swath of media over the last 60 years, Sell is determined to create a forum for self-reflection and debate, and question the very ethos by which our culture rears its male brood.

Sell’s poignant images will transform as statement pieces in this new collection; the rough and tumble characteristics of man in parallel to the crude edges of the cobbled Meatpacking streets."

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